Wall Hanging Tapestries Add Warmth And Life To Any Room

Tapestries originally were used as depictions of historic events, portrayals of familiar images, and a way to keep the cold from creeping through stone walls. Today they aren?t needed for literal insulation, but their breadth of color and texture still serve to warm a room. There are so many styles to choose from and you can?t go wrong adding a tapestry to your home d?cor.

A large room with a empty wall can be livened with a large tapestry hung horizontally as the backdrop to a couch or bed. A smaller room can benefit from a long tapestry hung vertically, to bisect the space and draw the eye upward, making the ceiling seem higher and the room larger. Smaller tapestries are excellent for conversation pieces, or to fit that nook in the stairwell.

Tapestries Solve Frustrations

For modern open floor plans, tapestries can be the perfect answer for a frustrated decorator. The effect of angled walls can be minimized by a wall hanging, and blank space accounted for in one easy step. Tapestries are equally appropriate for the family estate or a bachelor pad, fitting into a studio apartment or a six bedroom ranch house with ease and an undeniable sense of completeness that can pull your entire decorating theme together.

When choosing a tapestry for your own living quarters, consider the size of the space as well as the amount of light. A room with a broad wall facing multiple windows can accommodate a large wall hanging in dark rich colors. A secluded inner room such a library with dark paneling could benefit from smaller pieces and brighter colors.

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A bedroom is the perfect place for a tapestry, as the warmth they bring can blanket the space in serenity and calm. Comforting scenes such as angels or other religious themes are favored for this type of use. Blues and golds can be mirrored in bedspread and pillows to provide a restful getaway. Soft pale sheets and muted curtains complete the look, and ensure a peaceful aura.

Hunting scenes are popular tapestry subjects, and go as well in a den as a hunting lodge. The colors of the outdoors in varying shades of brown and green blend well with almost any d?cor. These can bring a sense of rapid movement and vitality to an otherwise staid room. Horses and foxhounds are a great favorite, as are deer, elk and other animals in flight or posed in clearings or on cliffs.

Different Styles for Different Settings

When in doubt, a landscape can be used for a muted effect in an ornate room, to serve as a backdrop to Victorian or French style furnishings. A wild floral pattern can light up a bland room with a splash of color. Green or purple tones can bring out jewel colors in pillows on an otherwise austere couch. Make a statement with the tapestry you choose; use it as a focal point of your entire decorating scheme!

Consider bold geometric designs to complement a sleek modern apartment. Native American and Celtic designs can add zing to what might be a chilly atmosphere. Many tapestries from India or South America have intricate patterns that excite the eye, and early American themes based on quilt patterns can also be found.

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Don?t think that tapestries are only for dramatic effect in large expensive homes. You can use smaller sizes to great effect as accent pieces in open, bright apartments. Asian depictions of dragons or birds provide interest and can bring personality to even a little breakfast nook or hallway.

Tapestries for Every Room

Even kitchens can benefit from a narrow tapestry run horizontally at head height to break up an open space, or a small one hung opposite cabinets. Brightly colored fruit and flowers can bring new life to a drab kitchenette. Horizontal wall hangings are also good for hanging above picture windows, or along a hallway to provide relief from monotony.

Tapestries can be hung in foyers for a rich touch, and bring out subtle colors in tile or marble flooring. A wide wall hanging bracketing a corner can be a great background for chair or fainting couch. You can also hang tapestries to cover cracked plaster, or consider using one to mask an ill placed window.

Whether you choose an floral Indian motif or a rich Renaissance design, a stylized dragon from the Orient or a French hunting scene, tapestries are certain to brighten your home and enrich your d?cor. Use them to embellish and enhance your own style, and enjoy the warmth they bring to your personal space.

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