Tiffany Fire Place Screens

Louis Comfort Tiffany was a much respected designer of stained glass works of art and many of his original pieces can command huge sums when they appear in auction. Today, there are several designers and makers of Tiffany-style fireplace screens using the same Copper foil construction process which he developed in the early part of the 20th century.

A typical Tiffany-style fireplace screen will be constructed from hundreds of individual pieces of stained glass all separately held in position by a copper foil manufacturing system and will then be contained in a robust frame to provide you with years of pleasure. Although many of them are the typical multi-color designs associated with traditional stained glass, many of them are made using only one or two colors of glass to provide almost a silhouette effect.

Some of the modern Tiffany-style fire place screens are reproductions of the original designs produced by Louis Comfort Tiffany, many of them have been specially designed by modern designers and you can select from a tremendous variety to reflect your hobbies and interests. For example, some of the designs available show a depiction of the outdoor life with a fisherman fishing from a canoe on a lake, while another shows a baying stag in the forest. Many of them are modern interpretations of the traditional Tiffany-style floral and art-nouveau patterns more usually associated with the Tiffany style. Some of the more colorful designs may contain over 2,300 separate pieces of stained glass.

As with any decorative work of art, if your Tiffany-style fireplace screen is carefully cleaned and looked after, it will provide you with many years of satisfaction and pleasure both for you and your family. Unlike some cheaper suppliers, all of our lamps are constructed from real stained glass. Some other makers use plastic instead of glass, but this will simply fail to create the same effect as genuine stained glass.

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Because the glass used to construct the Tiffany-style fireplace screens is hand-blown, it is entirely possible that small air bubbles will remain in the glass after it has been blown. This is not a defect and in no way detracts from the product. In fact, it only serves to enhance the uniqueness of your Tiffany-style product since no two will be identical even though they look very similar.

With the tremendous range of designs available to select your Tiffany-style fireplace screen from, you can be assured there will be one suitable for you, no matter what type of home you have. For more information on Tiffany-style fireplace screens, feel free to visit our website at .