The Perfect Guess Room

It is hard designing a room for your guest. Designing your bedroom, your children’s room and all other rooms in your house is not exactly a cat walk either but at least it is for your own taste. But, designing for other people may be a bit of a challenge for most of us out there. There are a number of reasons why designing guest rooms are difficult, key problems that most of us may run into are deciding on which colors to use in the room. This can be a problem because some colors can show more masculine and some colors can show more feminine than others. Which can offend some of your guest. Because you don’t want your best friend who drank too much the night before sleeping in a room with pink walls and back street boys posters. And the same goes for if it where a woman, it wouldn’t be exactly the picture of your sister’s perfect vacation to go across states to see her big sister just to stay in a guest room full of New York Jets pictures and an alarm clock shaped like a football.

The main thing to remember when decorating for a guest room that will have several different guest spending time in it is to keep it neutral. Neutral colors can make a room and inviting for everyone. Not only do neutral colors create a comfortable environment for everyone no matter who you might invite there is also another big reason why you want to stay neutral. Although many of us enjoy different things and like to display things like posters of our favorite band or our favorite football team, having things like this in our bedrooms can distract us. Our bedrooms should be a place of peace and serenity where we can relax from not only the bad parts of our lives but also some of the more exciting parts, because excitement leads to restless sleep and restless sleep leads to anxiety, and anxiety leads to stress. A stress that may have been going on for so long that it becomes the normal way of a person’s life, but how happy would your guest be to wake up in your guest room feeling as though they have slept the best sleep in their lives.

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Another big thing to consider is to make a bedroom hypo-allergenic so that no mater who stays in your room they can rest comfortably and soundlessly knowing that you have taken every step possible to make their stay no matter how short it may be, as comfortable as their own homes. A great way to accomplish this overwhelming task is to change your bedding to something more hypo allergenic like alternative down comforters or if you are low on cash or just don’t want to get rid of your existing bed set you can try duvet covers. There are many hypo-allergenic duvet cover sets out there that can go over your existing bedding. Like the bamboo duvet cover sets which are not only hypo-allergenic but also protect up to 99.8 % of bacteria. Which will help make your room the perfect guest room.