Start Your Career With Unfinished Hardwood Flooring

Today, I appeal to those who already have a concept of unfinished hardwood floor and know all its pluses and minuses. In this article you will learn what benefits you can get by installing this type of floor by the glue down, as well as how it can help you make a good career.

Unfinished hardwood is one of the most popular materials for installers. Many small mistakes made during installation, you can easily hide with the next phase of the floor preparation are sanding, painting and varnishing.

At this time we will not consider or compare characteristics unfinished hardwood – solid and engineer, as you already know that they are very different. I just want to draw your attention to the fact that they both can be installed in three ways – glue down, nail down and as floating floor.

Due to the fact that the building technologies have changed, builders started making the cement floor in the homes. And as you can install hardwood to the cement floor, using only two techniques – floating and glue down, the latter technique is becoming more popular among customers.

As a rule, floor installers do not like to work with the glue. This work requires great concentration, attention and skill. To thoroughly grasp this method of installation you can get through the years of hard work. But projects with glue down always well paid, and you will never regret that spent much time studying.

The most suitable material for gaining experience by glue down is any unfinished floor. Working on your first project with the glue down method, no matter how you try, you still do soil not your hands only, but many boards and even floor, which you already have installed. At this point, you get valuable experience in installing the most elegant way!

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Do not worry too much if you glue stained almost the entire floor. You will come to the aid of sanding machines. They will be removed all your clumsy mistakes quickly and easily.

If you had only one or two projects where you have installed the floor by glue down, do not be presumptuous and assume that you already can easily handle the next project. To become a good master of installation you will have to hone your skills for several years. When you learn how to work pure with prefinished floor the same as with unfinished floor and be able to install material on 300-350 square feet a day, then you can consider yourself a master.

So to summarize: unfinished hardwood floor – an excellent opportunity to practice your skills to install the different types of floors by glue down method. Never miss out these projects at the beginning of your career.