Searching For Best Coir Mats

There is an old saying, which says “The first impression is the best impression.” Whilst it may be cliche, it most definitely is true; especially when it comes to a house or an office. After all, when was the last time that we walked into a place and didn’t judge it immediately? One of the first things that most people look out for, when they enter into a house or an office is the mat that is outside. Whilst some would consider the importance placed on it to be futile, others will rightly argue that they are wrong.

For instance, when adverse weather comes along, many premises find themselves swamped with muddy footprints. Most visitors are put off instantly, by the sight of such soggy footprints. Whilst some believe that you can’t control the weather and that things like this happen from time to time. Others believe that is essential to have proper mats in place, so as to help you on such occasions.

One type of mats that is extremely useful in these situations is the Coir mats. Coir mats are extremely absorbent and will remove a great deal of mud and sludge from shoes without people even needing to wipe their feet. Having soggy floors filled with mud isn’t just something that is aesthetically damaging, but it might also cause some physical damage to the person trying to walk inside the premises. With the help of Coir mats,you will not only be able to relieve your feet of the dirt and at the same time ensure that it is safe for you to walk inside.

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If you are still wondering what Coir matsare and what they are made of. Here is your answer. Coir is nothing but a natural fiber extracted from the husk of coconut. Technically speaking, coir is the fibrous material found between the hard, internal shell and the outer coat of a coconut. One of the main reasons why Coir matsare such a great success, is due to the fact that the coir fiber is relatively waterproof, and is one of the few natural fibers, which are resistant to the damage done by saltwater.

There are mainly two different varieties of coir. They are, brown and white. Brown coir is the one that is harvested from fully ripened coconuts. As a result, it is thick, strong and has a high abrasion resistance. It is the coir fiber that is used in making Coir mats. Mature brown coir fibers contain more lignin and less cellulose, which makes them stronger but less flexible. This quality makes them ideal, to use in the preparation of Coir mats, which need to strong, resistant and durable.

One of the most important reasons as to why Coir mats had become so popular was its ability to withstand and stay strong, irrespective of the climatic conditions. Coir matsensure that whether it rained or snowed, when a person enters inside the house, he walks in to clean room, and not a dirty one, which puts him off, in an instant. Whilst interior design can help you in way, it can’t entirely the hide the dirt and dust that is present everywhere and it most definitely can’t assure the safety of the premises.

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