Quilts Aren’t Just For The Bed Anymore

Quilts aren?t just for beds anymore. The perfect quilt can compliment any room and bring a splash of color to your home. The quilt is a very versatile home accessory with many uses.

Have you ever seen a quilt hanging on the wall? No the wall isn?t cold, well maybe it is. But most likely it is to add dimension to a room where there isn?t a lot of room for pictures. My neighbor is a fantastic quilter, I?m amazed at where you?ll find quilts tucked away in her home, adding a certain touch of coziness. She has a 15? x 15? quilt hanging above her stairs as you descend into her basement family room, done it a beautiful array of colors, the perfect size and color to add dimension to that hard to decorate space. She also has a framed, yes I said framed, 8? x 10? quilt done in civil war reproduction fabrics hanging in her living room. Each piece adds a new dimension to her home.

Quilts can be used as a throw on your furniture. I have several quilts, lap size on my love seats in my formal living room. In a room that could be too formal the feeling is just right because there is a cozy quilt on each love seat and on the rocking chair. Quilts used in such a manner adds not only a splash of color but also a touch of hominess. While in the living room, a beautifully quilted table runner can be used on tables, pianos, fireplaces. Quilts add a special touch to any room.

Quilts can be used to top a window seat in a girls bedroom. What a wonderful place to sit and watch the rain as it comes and cuddle with the perfect size quilt. What girl would not enjoy her own special place near a window complete with her own quilt. While in the bedroom just throw a quilt across the end of the bed, a special little flair to bring life to a room, a tossed quilt on a piece of furniture to make it look like someone does live there and enjoys life.

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Quilts can be used in the kitchen or dining room. The very first quilt I made can be used as a square table topper on a kitchen or dining room table. It softens the room. I have also enjoyed tiny quilts that are used as hot placemats to set hot dishes. Your family would love quilted placemats. There are so many uses for quilts in the kitchen.

In the family room besides placing a quilt over all the chairs and couches to snuggle with as you watch your favorite movie, add a quilt to a favorite basket. A smaller quilt placed in a basket makes you home accessories come alive.

Don?t forget the nursery quilts. Beautiful quilts in the crib, the changing table, the rocking chair, a quilt for every place. As your daughter grows she will need a beautiful doll size quilt for her own ?baby?. There are plenty of places for a quilt to add a touch of love in the nursery.

These are just a few wonderful way to use a quilt for a home accessory. It is amazing how versatile a quilt can be as a home accessory. When you begin to choose your quilt, look for colors that excite you. Quilt patterns that are cozy and warm to you. Remember to choose a quilt that appeals to you in every way.