Quartz Stone Low Maintenance and High Quality

Quartz is an abundant mineral found in earth crust and it’s chemically formed of SiO4. This quartz stone are mainly used in making jewelry and hard stone carvings sue to its variant color, crystal properties and opacity. This stone are best known for stone surfaces nowadays. Quartz surfacing has gained its popularity in market and also gained the position of best alternative in the market.

Quartz stone are easily available in market and the demand and supply has increased in past couples of years. As availability is not an issue people are surrounded by thousands of style, color, design and pattern of this stones to choose from. From source this stone have several of colors like opaque, milky white, brown, light yellow, bright pink and many more. They are further taken to fabrication industries for shaping the quartz and polishing it. In the fabrication plant, stones are cut into desired dimension and coated with protective layer. They are further polished to reflect colors and transported to retailers and wholesalers to various part of globe.

People wants to have luxurious surfacing like marble surfacing but it is little expensive to afford, here Quartz surfacing helps in solving the problem with reasonable prices and including better resistance toward scratches. Quartz has a better hardness than marble stone and this also indicates the quality of the. Retailers and wholesalers provide this stone to the customer and most of them are ISO certified. The stone are further cut into small pieces according to customer requirement with the help of water or jaw cutting.

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Some people are way too rough on tiles, countertops and they always have question on durability and resistance and stones are well fabricated and coated with protective layer to provide better durability and scratch resistance. Even though marble stone are unique and elegant, quartz stone provides various pattern and design. They are available in similar color that of marble. Quartz stone beats marble in various characteristics such as designs, quality, hardness, availability.

Quartz stones as flooring, countertops, wall tilling is a reasonable option for person who cannot afford marble fittings. As the trends and fashion changes similarly people are moving from marble to quartz. Not just in houses but as a whole in corporate sectors quartz stones are widely used for flooring and bathrooms tilling. It is also chosen as there are various designs which comply with the interior and also fits reasonable. Marble quartz may have a very long history and prestige but stone are proved to be the best option in the market.