Proper Carpet Cleaning For Houston, TX Homeowners

The EPA recommends professional carpeting cleaning in Houston every three to six months, as it is the best way to help keep clean and make them last. You can get more out of a professional by using proper vacuuming techniques, removing your shoes, and using rugs at thresholds as well as choosing the right method.

Proper Vacuuming Techniques

Making one pass with the vacuum in one direction is not enough to pick up the dirt residing in the carpet. Proper vacuuming technique includes passing over the carpet in two directions, north/south and east/west. Vacuuming from two directions cleans the pile from all sides; picking up more dirt. Another air filter for the home, they need to be vacuumed two to three times a week, according to the EPA. Overall, vacuuming frequently and properly reduces the amount of embedded dirt allowing your Houston carpet cleaning company to clean your carpets more effectively.

Remove Your Shoes

Most of the dirt tracked into homes comes from shoes worn inside. The first five to ten feet of carpet traps this dirt causing the high traffic pattern and making the area more susceptible to staining. Dirt, not foot traffic, causes the most damage to carpets as it rubs and grinds against the carpet fibers. As more and more dirt builds up, the quicker and needs to be replaced. Simply leaving your shoes at the door can prevent up to 80% of dirt from entering your home. With less dirt in your home, your Houston carpet cleaning will last longer.

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Place Rugs at Thresholds

Foot traffic within the home spreads dirt and oils created within the home; oils from cooking, cleaning and getting ready for the day all land on the floor and are transfer to the carpet as you walk from room to room. Carpeted areas next to high oil usage areas can be protected by simply placing a rug at the threshold. When you’re finished in one area, you can wipe your feet on the rug, leaving the oils there and transfer far fewer oils to the next area. With proper maintenance tips and tricks, you can reduce the amount of dirt and oils in your carpet. Solutions can be more effective with less dirt and oil as they can dissolve and release the deeply embedded dirt better. Using the right carpet cleaning method will also affect how clean your carpets are and how long they last.

Choose the Right Carpet Cleaning Method Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is the most common carpet cleaning method as it is a great way to remove large amounts of dirt and oil build up. This method consists of spraying a cleaner onto the carpet to dissolve the oils followed by a hot water to suspend the dirt. A high-powered extractor sucks up the suspended dirt and oils leaving. As this method is great at pick up a large amount of dirt build up, it is best for annual cleanings. However, this method leaves carpets wet for several hours, making it susceptible to re-soiling and if the local carpet cleaning Houston professional performs it incorrectly, this method can damage your carpet.

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Bonnet Cleaning

Bonnet cleaning, an alternative method of cleaning, is a great method for getting the carpets cleaned routinely and keeping them clean all year. Bonnet cleaning is a low moisture system that effectively cleans the carpet fibers lifting dirt, oils and stains. With a pre-vacuuming and stain treatments, a solution sprayed onto the carpet followed by a super absorbent buffer pad gently transfers dirt, oils and liquids onto the pad leaving bright and clean. Since the buffer pad picks up most of the solution sprayed onto the carpet, Usually dry within an hour of the cleaning making it less susceptible to re-soiling. Once the carpet is dry, vacuuming will easily pick up any remaining dirt that wicked up from the bottom of the pile leaving completely clean. Bonnet cleaning, offered by Kiwi Carpet Cleaning in Houston, TX, is safe and gentle enough on carpets to use for more frequent cleanings.

Ask for Personalized Tips

Your carpet cleaning Houston professional can provide you with personalized tips to keep your carpets cleaner between visits. The technicians that perform the cleanings can easily see traffic patterns and problem areas and provide practical solutions to reduce the dirty appearances. With their tips, you can better understand your carpet’s maintenance needs and how to make them last. Proper vacuuming techniques and appropriate carpet cleanings methods will keep your carpet looking fresh and clean all year long and you’ll get more out of every professional carpet cleaning in Houston, TX.