Prefinished Vs. Unfinished Wood Floors What Should You Pick?

During the earlier years, wood flooring has become the popular choice of many homeowners. However, things have changed this time because the prefinished ones have become more popular than the former. Although wood floors have their own advantages and disadvantages, one should be very conscious and aware of the things he needs to consider when choosing a particular kind of wood floor for his house. To simplify your decision-making, learn the attributes of the two.


A lot of people these days pick the pre-finished types of wood floorings because they come with a handful of benefits. Compared to unfinished wood floors, prefinished hardwood flooring is much easier and simpler to install. As a matter of fact, there are types which can be purchased and installed on your own. Another thing is that you can step on your pre-finished floors right after you have installed them. Since installation is simple and easy, you can easily put them inside your home in no time! Fumes are also avoided when using the pre-finished types.

Aside from the aforementioned characteristics, pre-finished wood floors are finished for perfection and a great sense of durability as well. In fact, there are those that are longer lasting compared to the commercially-finished ones. These types of floors are ideal choices for homes which are often frequented by traffic; rest assured that your flooring will never fade and get damaged easily.

If so happens that parts of your home where wood floors would be installed are at a high level of humidity, the pre-finished types are highly recommended. Prefinished wood can easily withstand and resist different climatic changes. They can also withstand buckling and warping so they are stronger choices compared to the unfinished ones.

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So there you have known that pre-finished wood floors are far better choice for your flooring needs. Getting the engineered ones are also advisable in this regard.


After learning much about pre-finished wood floors, it is time to talk about the unfinished types. Unfinished are considered to be more expensive compared to pre-finished ones. They are often made from different wood species so their popularity never decreases in a way. Picking unfinished floors also give you the opportunity to refinish and stain them the way you want. This gives you the opportunity to match your floor to the contents of your home.

A lot of people and homeowners during these days simply prefer the unfinished ones because they want to see them laid or installed on-site. This gives them the chance to see and adjust the existing color of their existing floors to the unfinished ones.

Solid wood is usually chosen when it comes to unfinished hardwood flooring. Picking unfinished wood gives you the assurance that your floor is absolutely made from one hundred percent wood from top to bottom! Opting for unfinished wood also gives you the opportunity to get rarer species of wood. In case you have a particular plank width, opting to buy and use the unfinished type of wood floor is a better idea than buying the pre-finished ones.