How To Assemble Unique Gift Baskets

Unique gift baskets are a wonderfully thoughtful gift for any occasion. They are wonderful simply because unlike other gifts, one basket with tons of goodies gives the receiver continuous pleasure. Every time an item from the gift basket is opened, there is the joy of receiving a gift all over again. So, it is not a one-off thing.

Gift baskets are of two kinds: the custom gift basket and the themed gift basket. The latter is a basketful of goodies, built around a certain theme and offered by the gift company. Most companies offer a variety of themes. For instance, there are gourmet food baskets, wine baskets, bath baskets, cake baskets, cookie baskets and so on. The best thing about a custom gift basket is its well-rounded nature. For instance, a tea basket might contain varieties of tea, crackers, biscuits and may be a few delectable pieces of cake. A baby bath basket might contain small towels, baby oil, baby soap, baby lotion, tub toys and a baby robe. In short, the custom basket will contain everything required to make it an experience to remember. And it all comes without any hard work on your part!

Unique gift baskets are quite different altogether. These gifts are the pinnacle of personalization and presentation, and the key to assembling the most wonderful unique gift baskets is creativity. So, pull the plug on those clogged creative juices and let go!

To create unique gift baskets, you have to follow the steps detailed below:

Set your budget: When you are adding up a number of little things, the cost adds up quickly and can catch you unawares. So, the first thing to do is set your final budget. This forms the framework of your buying spree.

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Get innovative: It?s wrong to think that your gift basket has to be around gourmet foods or wine alone. You have the freedom to create a theme of your own if you know the particular interests of the person receiving the gift. For instance, you may add chocolates in a coffee basket or cookies in a cake basket, or dried fruits in a chocolate basket.

Personalize it: When you have gone through the trouble of picking and choosing each item, you simply cannot send off the gift without personalizing it. So, think for a few moments and create a lovely little message to go with your gift. You can go for a naughty line or simply say ?I love you?.

That?s it! The unique gift basket is ready.

When you go about assembling unique gift baskets, remember that you need to search for items keeping the person and the occasion in mind. For example, a man and woman would prefer completely different items in their gift baskets. A gift basket for a baby shower will be different from one that you would give at a wedding. Of course, there are some universal themes, like gourmet food baskets which work well across different requirements and people. But most occasions have a set of requirements. So, choose wisely.