Can Your Hardwood Floor Be Refinished

Unfortunately, not every wooden floor can be restored. It depends on the type and kind of hardwood; it covers the method of restoration.

Manufacturers produce two types of hardwood – prefinished and unfinished. Prefinished hardwood is prepare for immediate installation because it is already covered by several layers of lacquer and has a finished look. You can count up to seven layers of lacquer on one piece of wood. To change the color of the same type of wood the manufacturers place different colors of stain on the wood.

The types are separated into solid hardwood and engineered hardwood. Their difference is actually that the engineered floor consists of several different layers, the upper of which is a natural wood. Solid wood consists entirely of a solid piece of wood with no layers.

If you want to upgrade your floor, firstly you need to find out what type of hardwood is installed in your home. If it is an engineer floor, then you must know the thickness of the natural wood. It may be the height of 1/8 to ?? of an inch. If you buy a house which already has hardwood, the previous owner could leave you a few pieces of flair, which he kept after installation. By looking at them you will immediately can identify your flooring. But I recommend you ask a professional re-finisher for advice, especially when it is absolutely free.

The simplest hardwood to refinish is made of solid wood. The re-finishing process is very quick. But if you have an engineer hardwood, then your floor’s upgrade will depend entirely on the thickness of the natural wood.

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To repeat the success of refinishing your flooring depends on the thickness of the natural wood. You can refinish engineered hardwood once, if thickness of the top layer is ?? of an inch. If your floor has a 1/8 of an inch of natural wood, it cannot be restored at all, because it was cut to this depth from the old hardwood when it was sanded.

If you want to refinish hardwood which you received from the previous homeowner, you need to find out whether the old master was maintaining with it. You can do this quite simply, especially if you know how. Bother this, look carefully at the corner where the floor meets the baseboard. If you notice that there is a dark strip of the old floor it means that it has already been refinished.

I hope that the simple information you received in this article will help you make the important decision of whether to refinish your floor or not. This knowledge will save your time and cost.