Basics of Office Interior Decoration

‘Interior Decoration’ is an art that can completely transform the look and feel of a place. It can be done either by a trained professional interior decorator or by anyone else with a creative bent of mind as well. While every place, private or public, requires interior designing, the type and style of decor totally depends on the purpose and use of that particular place. For instance, the interior decoration of a home would be totally different to that of an office.

When we talk about interior designing of any place, it is very important to first define what the place is going to be used for and how many people it is going to cater to. Let us take the example of an office. I am sure that all of us, whether working or not, have been to an office sometime or the other. So, what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of or see an office? I guess that it would be that it is a professional place. It is a place where certain decorum and code-of-conduct is followed. That being said, an office is also a place brimming with creativity and buzzing with energy. Hence, the decor of an office should reflect these things.

The most important thing, like in the interiors of any other place, is the color scheme. The word ‘office decor’ often immediately conjures up an image of an extremely dulland boring place in one’s mind. However, gone are those days and in fact offices, in the present times, are far from that lackluster image. They are anything but dull and boring. Color scheme can be most effectively exhibited through walls and usually basic shades of neutral colors are most preferred for office decor. But as the times are changing, a need to perk up the office environment is being observed and thus making a particular area bright and vibrant is a common trend. Also walls are like vast canvases on which things like what work is done in the office or which industry it belongs to or even the company’s ideology, can be displayed. For example, if it is an office of a ‘fashion magazine’, large paintings or posters of fashion related things may be put up to make a statement. Similarly, motivational messages, performance boosting quotations, awards and accolades may also be displayed to adorn the walls.

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Any place is incomplete without furniture and an office is obviously no exception. In fact, as an office caters to a large number of people, furniture is one of the most essential parts of it. The quantity and the type of furniture depend on the number of people working in a particular office and their job profiles. Now-a-days, in most of the offices work-stations or cubicles are designed for the general employees, whereas for higher management, personal cabins are more preferred. As a person spends close to half a day in office, comfortable chairs and sufficient working and storage space is a must for every employee. Along with that, computers, printers, fax machines, landline phones, etc. are some of the basic things that are generally a part of every office decor.

Appropriate and adequate lighting is also necessary in the designing of an office. There should be no dull and dark place in an office as this will create a gloomy atmosphere there. On the contrary, suitably bright overhead tube-lights, wall sconces, lamps etc. should be systematically fixed to ensure plentiful light. If possible, provision for natural light should also be made. As far as window treatment is concerned, it is mostly limited to blinds of different styles such as vertical blinds, horizontal blinds, roll-up blinds etc. These are not only easy to use and maintain they look smart and trendy too.

For the optimum performance of the employees, it is important that they remain energized and in high spirits. Thus, it is essential that the office atmosphere feels stimulating and invigorating. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is by releasing fragrance into the office environment. Fragrance has the ability to affect our mood and can help increase concentration and alertness. No wonder using different mediums of fragrance distribution such as reed diffusers, potpourri, automated fragrance dispensers, etc., has become a common trend in most of the offices today.

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An office is a place which is commonly referred to as a person’s ‘second home’, owing to the fact that after his/her home, a person spends maximum time there. It also goes without saying that anoffice is made by the employees working there and therefore, while designing its interiors, the requirement, the comfort and the interest of the employees should not only be taken into account but given highest priority too!!