Attractions of Sandstone Steps in Brisbane

Sandstones are used for constructing various structures in a building. Along with sandstone cladding and flooring, a popular sandstone component in buildings are the sandstone steps. Brisbane residents enchanted by the beauty and durability of sandstone may consider incorporating this natural construction material in their building designs. Understanding the key features of different types of sandstones will help you to purchase the right stone.

Features of sandstones

Sandstones are sedimentary rocks mined by quarrying. While shopping for sandstones for constructing sandstone steps, Brisbane residents will be surprised by the different varieties of sandstones available in the market. Sandstones are available in different colors and textures with diverse surface finish.

Textures of sandstones

Sandstone with natural texture is a popular choice for adding a rustic dimension to the architecture of a building. The natural clefts in the sandstone slabs reveal the underlying rock grains. Sawn surfaces are widely used for constructing sandstone steps in Brisbane homes. The coarsely polished surface adds a rustic charm to a building. For a more contemporary look, designers admire sandstones with polished surface textures. They are more vibrant and colorful.

Colors of sandstones

Sandstones come in a variety of colors. White, black, pink, red, brown, yellow, gray and black are the common natural hues of sandstones. The colors of sandstones are determined by the different minerals present in the stones. The rock grains in the stones are comprised of quartz and/or feldspar. They may also contain other minerals such as iron, silicon or carbon.

Benefits of sandstones

Traditionally sandstones were the most popular building materials. From ancient sandstone churches to the elegant buildings of the colonial times, there are plenty of examples of magnificent sandstone structures. Although for a brief period the popularity of sandstones was mildly eclipsed by the rising demand for artificial construction materials, sandstone structures has once again regained their position in modern architecture. Nowadays sandstone landscaping steps, flooring and cladding are common features in modern residential and commercial properties.

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In addition to the aesthetic value of sandstone, this natural building material has become popular owing to its durability and low maintenance expense. Good quality sandstones come with lifetime guarantee. Flooring, cladding and steps constructed with sandstone can withstand harsh weather conditions. The scorching summer sun and the devastating hailstorms cannot damage the strong sandstone structures. The thermally neutral material is not affected by temperature changes, which is another prominent reason for using sandstone as a building material.